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    At First Frontier, we focus on the customer experience. Transportation is fraught with potential interruptions to your supply chain, our goal is to make your job easier and to help you buy better. We are here to support your operations no matter what is happening. Keeping your supply chain running in a cost effective, efficient and, dare we say, pleasant to deal with manner is our job #1. We focus on LTL, FTL, and flatbeds/specialty freight across North America. We run regular lanes for clients, act on spot shipments, assist with expedites and hotshots, and can arrange project moves. Our location focus is North America – Canada, the United States and Mexico. We pay critical attention to cross-border shipments. However, we can support your domestic transportation needs as well.

    Our customers are our most important focus – they insist on excellence, need fast action, and never take their business lightly. In short, they’re people just like us.



    With First Frontier, you’ll never have to search elsewhere for your North American ground transportation needs. We’ll handle everything — large equipment moves, pallets, and truckload shipments – whatever you need. We’ll find the carriers you need with the capacity you require. We’re always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

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    Full Truck Load

    With a broad range of trucking equipment across a vast 3PL carrier network, our FTL shipping services include expedited, team and direct service across Canada, the United States and Mexico.
    Full truck load service is offered for the following equipment:

    Less Than Truck Load

    Trying to reduce shipping costs? Take advantage of LTL. We can provide similar transit times to FTL while saving you money. We’ll match your LTL freight with other freight to ensure you get the lowest possible rate. We offer scheduled (per 100/lb) and direct LTL pricing including in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

    Specialty, Wide Load & Oversized Freight

    Oversized or extra heavy freight requires due diligence and vigilant care every step of the way. But you can rest easy knowing an expert transporter is taking care of everything you need. We’ll get it there for you. The following equipment is available: 

    Freight and Logistics Management & Consulting

    Our Logistics Management Consultants will take a comprehensive look at your supply chain and outline a transportation and logistics strategy to move your freight efficiently at the lowest possible rates.

    Canada & US
    Customs Consulting (Canada & US)

    Shipments can be stalled at the border pending documentation or corrections. We can save you the headache by reviewing your customs process to ensure everything is in order, saving your carriers time and keeping your profile with Canada/USA Customs pristine.

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    The Automotive Source

    First frontier logistics is by far the best freight broker I have ever worked with. The commitment to customer satisfaction is un heard of now a days, but its seems to be second nature for them. They offer fair rates and exceptional service. 5 Star service every time. When I book with First Frontier I can rest assured my shipment will be a smooth process.

    Nectar Ghinis

    I definitely recommend First Frontier Logistics. The service is excellent, I use them for LTL and FTL shipments. Excellent communication and very fair pricing. I used to waste so much time shopping around now I just email First Frontier and I’m done.

    Tier 1 Automotive Company

    ” What truly distinguishes First Frontier from other logistics providers is their remarkable flexibility. Time and again, we have found ourselves in urgent situations, requiring immediate transportation solutions. Their team of professionals exhibit a remarkable level of expertise, ensuring that every aspect of our logistics operations is executed flawlessly. “

    Tool & Mold Company

    First Frontier has been a pleasure to deal with. Their staff are experienced and super helpful making sure that our loads are delivered on time with full transparency and with competitive rates. We’ve been a customer for 5 years now and counting!

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      Our customers are our most important focus – you might have some questions and we have answers!


      Why Work with First Frontier Logistics?

      With decades of expertise in the logistics industry, we have a great network of carriers across North America with the capacity to handle any kind of shipment. A dedicated customer service team operating 24/7 helps us to meet your logistics needs on demand and at highly competitive rates.

      Do you offer tracking and visibility services for shipments? How can I track my shipment?

      Yes we do, once your goods are in transit we share with you real time updates on where your shipments are.

      Do you provide warehouse and storage solutions for my goods?

      At the moment we don’t offer storage, but we can ensure your shipments are secure for a temporary period of 2 to 3 days while on transit to final destination.

      In what ways do you ensure that your shipments are secure and safe during transit?

      We can provide comprehensive insurance coverage for all your shipments and work with verified carriers

      Do you handle specialized shipments, such as oversized, hazardous materials or temperature-sensitive goods?

      Yes we do, we guide our clients through the best options available for their shipment, as we have experience working with some very demanding niches including the automotive, medical and food industries.


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