March 16, 2023

Key Challenges Businesses Face with Cross-Border Shipping in North America

Cross Border shipping allows countries to access markets in diverse countries and cultures giving manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to build highly successful businesses. The challenges faced in expanding internationally though can sometimes seem insurmountable. Many potential issues exist including customs delays, immigration considerations, transport regulations, and even cultural or language barriers. Let’s break down some of the issues and discuss ways to make the process more seamless.

Customs – the First Frontier of Security!

Brave border agents help protect our way of life and intercept all sorts of contraband, firearms, endangered species and potential criminals. Shipments of normal goods trade can sometimes get caught up in the need for a secure border. Add to that the complexity around paperwork irregularities and shipments can be delayed unnecessarily. Terms such as ACI PARS PAPS and documents such as IT Bonds, ATAs can add increased complexity to getting goods to where they need to be. First Frontier is an experienced partner with deep experience across both the Canada-USA border and the USA-Mexico border. We help navigate in-bond shipments, assist to expedite regular clearances, and help resolve customs delays, often without the need of our customers’ involvement. Having a partner with such a capability in your corner certainly can make a difference in helping you build your business.

Immigration – related to shipping?

Surprisingly, immigration can be involved in the process of shipping. Many rules exist in most countries to prevent foreign workers from taking jobs from domestic ones. This is a thing with trucking as well, since many truckers cross borders and these truckers need to be mindful of the rules of when and where they can pickup shipments to make sure they are staying on the right side of each country’s regulations. If you have moves that involve multiple drops and pickups, especially within a multi-country movement, it’s good to have a partner like First Frontier, who understand the rules and can help you keep your supply chain above board and in tip top shape.

Regulations – ahh regulations.

Where would we be without them? But regulations can have unintended consequences and when your shipment gets hit with a delay due to a regulation your transportation provider was not aware of, this can materially affect your supply chain. Carta Portes in Mexico, border rules, truck safety regulations, B1 drivers etc all can impact delivery times and cause potential delays. First Frontier is an expert in keeping your supply chain moving and ensuring full compliance with all regulations.

The Dance of Time Zones: When Hours Go Astray!

Crossing time zones is like stepping into a time-traveling vortex. Daylight Savings Time only adds to the complexity eg Mexico recently abolished DST time change in 2022.  It’s a dance where you’re never quite sure if you’re early, late, or stuck in a time warp. But fear not! First Frontier Logistics has a team of time navigators who will synchronize your shipments with clockwork precision. They’ll keep you one step ahead, ensuring your goods pickup and arrive on time, even if you’re still adjusting to that jetlag from your last adventure.

Languages – we speak many!

Crossing borders can have you end up with a french speaking truck driver delivering goods originating from an english speaking shipper to a spanish speaking receiver. We help keep all necessary conversations in all these languages going smoothly – a veritable Rosetta Stone of transportation assistance. Call us today to help your team and your shipments run smoothly, and cost effectively!


Like all things complex, its helpful to have a partner that you can trust, to provide advice, and do the heavy lifting. First Frontier can be a strategic partner in helping you expand internationally and we take the care to listen to your needs and can help to navigate tricky situations. Most shippers are certainly well versed in international shipping, especially if they are a regular exporter or importer, but it never hurts to get a second opinion on your freight, especially when international shipments offer the best opportunity to reign in costs. Contact us today to check a price on your next shipment.